Sunday, January 27, 2013

Although perhaps a little cheesy, I thought that I should name this post something along the lines of "everything was beautiful and nothing hurt"(thank you, Kurt Vonnegut) because that about sums up the magical world that Tim Walker creates through his romantic and surrealistic photographs. Being one of my favorite contemporary fashion photographers, Tim Walker's captivating images pull you directly into the story he tries to portray. He creates an unrestrained fantasy world that is filled with vibrant color that exhibits an ethereal quality. When gathering these pictures, all I could think of is how much they make me crave the warmth and life of summer!

The photo directly above is a self portrait of myself that I took last summer. Tim Walker definitely inspired this one! This and this are other examples of some of my Tim Walker inspired work. If you would like to check out the rest of the work I have uploaded online click here for my photo stream on Flickr!

Here are some photographs by another one of my favorite current fashion photographers, Alex Prager. I'm also a big fan of the vivid colors that are present in Prager's work. She attempts to create a retro world that channels the 50's and 60's through his use of light and the way in which her subjects are styled. One of his photo series is even directly influenced by Hitchcock's The Birds. 

Below is a short silent film by Prager titled "Despair"


  1. You might be interested to know that Prager is actually a young woman who was just featured in last year's (2011) New Photographers exhibition at the MoMA. We've discussed her work a fair amount ourselves here at school.

    1. oh! thank you. i just changed the pronouns!